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Let's all have a noise parade :3

My little corner of the universe where sims may run wild as I please

8 February
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My name is Seo-lee Huan (I get called 'Jane' by alot of my friends and people who can't pronounce my real name, it's a long story). I'm 18 and Live in Charlotte North Carolina however I was born in Suwon South Korea where most of my family live. I love Charlotte and it's been my home for 8 years but I miss South Korea alot. I am currently studdying graphic art and media in college as I got in early via a scholarship :). I have been with my boyfriend of two years Jae, He is means the world to me :3

things that I love are, GAMING! I love the sims, street fighter, ALL the Mario games and many more. I also love KPOP (korean pop). I love the band mblaq (I asume most of you have no idea who they are -.-)I also love to read, manga and fantasy are my favourites.

Obviously (or maybe not) Korean is my first language however I have been speaking english for about 10 years so I'm fluent. BUT PLEASE excuse some mistakes as although I can speak english fluently, my writing skills are not always as good ;)

thats all you need to know about me :D but if you need more stalker-ish information please message me because I'm a friendly person! Peace.
being a ninja, black jewels, cadeau legacy :3, click, drawing, glee, korean drama, many more..., mblaq, most animes, most korean bands, naruto, pink, reading, simming, simpsons, travelling nomnom